Friday, November 6, 2009

About Surviving Prison

About Surviving Prison

As you can see, there are no pics on this site. I like my privacy don't want to advertise that I've been in prison. I work now as an internet marketer and write about what I know. What I can tell you is that I am an ex-con and done time in prisons. I have been arrested three times, I was once a drug trafficker and that is the reason for my convictions.

In prison, one must observe prison politics and act diplomatically to survive. The majority of inmates are black and being white put me at a disadvantage. As a white person in prison, I had to act cool and show respect to the prison population. How I carried myself was the difference between life and death. This knowledge can be used inside prison and out, respecting and acknowledging the dignity of everyone is a great tool to getting along.

Anyone can benefit from the knowledge I have picked up in the prison system. It works for anyone of any race, gender, color, sexual orientation, new fish or lifer. Knowing how to move in prison politics can save your life and benefit you on the outside.

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